Friday, 1 February 2013

It's Paris in the springtime for Brand Beckham!

Bonjour Beckham: metrosexual Becks in Gay Paris
David Beckham's next five months will be consumed by foot a Paris! Yes, PSG in the springtime for the 37-year-old England cap centurion!

There’s a lot I suspect about this deal we don’t know – and in the scheme of things don’t need to.

As with a spell at Milan, where it’s understood he paid to make the loan deal possible, the move to Paris St Germain may indeed be a giant contra deal where both parties win.
The club get a halo of Team Beckham glitter for 5 months and the player manages a final – if stunted shot – at playing at the very highest level in the Champions League – although just how much of a contribution he can make at 37 in that arena remains to be seen.

But Beckham’s ambition is never-ending. There’s never been a global football superstar of his kind – because his celebrity transcends the Beautiful Game.
He’s acting like a modern day diplomat, jetting around the world – doing deals with the new elites of the new world order. Let’s not forget, PSG are owned by the Qataris.

He’s a trailblazer for future sports superstars, showing that being a media personality carries with it global softpower that used only to be the gift of kings, politicians and institutions.

But he can still take a mean set-piece.
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