Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Official EURO 2016 Panini TV advert

It's just the biggest thrill to be the Voice of Panini's TV advertising around the world. I mean, who didn't collect and trade the stickers with schoolfriends back in the day?

If you didn't, you were a geek into computers and heavy metal! Nah, football existed quite happily before the Premier League, thanks very much.

Here's two versions of the ad promoting the Adrenalyn XL Trading Cards product.

My first collection was EURO 76 (didn't finish), Football '78 (didn't finish), then Football '79 (needed 4, didn't finish!)

I'm sure the kids of today (and some dads too) will get a huge kick out of finishing their England page - and how else could you find out who plays for Albania? Essential pre-match reading for Jonathan Pearce and the rest. Got Got Need!

10 second version:

20 second version: