Wednesday, 23 April 2014

LMA tear a strip off Manchester United for Moyes maltreatment

The League Managers Association (LMA) has issued the following statement on behalf of David Moyes after his dismissal by Manchester United.
This picture sums it all up really. Compromised from day 1

David Moyes said:
"To have been appointed as manager of Manchester United, one of the biggest football clubs in the world, was and remains something of which I will always be incredibly proud.

Taking charge after such a long period of continuous stability and success at the club was inevitably going to be a significant challenge, but it was one which I relished and never had a second thought about taking on. 

The scale of the manager’s job at United is immense, but I have never stepped away from hard work and the same applies to my coaching staff.  I thank them for their dedication and loyalty throughout the last season.  

We were fully focused and committed to the process of the fundamental rebuilding that is required for the senior squad. This had to be achieved whilst delivering positive results in the Barclays Premier League and the Champions League. However, during this period of transition, performances and results have not been what Manchester United and its fans are used to or expect, and I both understand and share their frustration.

In my short time at the club I have learnt what special places Old Trafford and Carrington are. I would like to thank the United staff for making me feel so welcome and part of the United family from my first day. And of course thank you to those fans who have supported me throughout the season. I wish you and the club all the best for the future.

I have always believed that a manager never stops learning during his career and I know I will take invaluable experience from my time as United's manager. I remain proud to have led the team to the quarter finals of this year's Champions League and I remain grateful to Sir Alex Ferguson for believing in my ability and giving me the chance to manage Manchester United”.

LMA Chief Executive, Richard Bevan said:

"The LMA is very disappointed with the nature of David's departure from Manchester United and to read extensive reports in the press, confirming David's sacking, before David himself had been spoken to officially by the club.  

Throughout his time at United, David, as he always does, has conducted himself with integrity and professionalism, values that he believes in and that have been strongly associated with the club and its rich tradition. It is therefore sad to see the end of David's tenure at United being handled in an unprofessional manner.

David is one of the most talented, knowledgeable and dedicated managers in British Football. He has a wealth of experience accumulated in a management career that started when he was 35 and already spans 16 years, with over 800 games in the professional game. David is a three-time winner of the LMA Manager of the Year Award, and without a doubt, he has a significant future in front of him in football management.  He is passionate about the game and I know he possesses the drive and resilience to learn from this chapter of his career and move on to a new challenge in the game.”

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Wembley minute's silence gives way to respectful applause

This got a mixed reaction when I posted it on Twitter. It's spontaneous applause from the FA Cup semi-final between Hull and Sheffield United at Wembley.

It broke out within seconds of the referee's starting whistle. Compare it to the moving silence at Anfield before Liverpool's clash with Manchester City hours earlier.

It was as if Wembley was commemorating and Anfield was mourning.

There were those who understood the clapping. But some expressed that it seemed to celebrate the fight for justice rather than commemorate the dead.

25 years on and the wounds of Hillsborough will never quite heal completely.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Chelsea players guilty of over celebrating a penalty

It's the plague of modern football: over celebrating a penalty.

The players are caught up in the hype of a "vital Champions League away goal in a key match", when in reality it was just an early equaliser in a quarter-final first leg.

Chelsea players were guilty of pumping fists and hugging long-lost family when they swamped and jumped on the shoulders of Eden Hazard as they drew level at PSG.

Celebration must be felt inside to look authentic - and these guys seemed to have learned to celebrate like this for TV, Twitter and Press photos!