Sunday, 21 March 2010

Why don't the Spurs faithful like Harry Redknapp?

He's steered Tottenham to the upper echelons of the Premier League in double quick time. His crafty transfer dealings and commonsense squad building have put Spurs in the Box Seat to qualify for next season's Champions League.
So why would so many like to see Harry Redknapp sacked? Why is Jose Mourinho's desire for a Premier League return music to Tottenham fans ears? (and would he go to White Hart Lane anyway?)

Hasn't Redknapp done enough to win over the White Hart Lane faithful?

Many rightly say Martin Jol shouldn't have been sacked despite two successive fifth placed finishes. But for Lasagnegate, the Dutchman might've coached Spurs in the Champions League.

Then again, the club came undone so fast under the disastrous stewardship of Juande Ramos that they might've been playing Championship football with fallen giants, Newcastle and West Bromwich Albion.

Redknapp stopped another Newcastle from happening at Tottenham. There are real parallels between the two clubs. The late Sir Bobby Robson steered Newcastle to two successive fifth-placed finishes before being sacked. A succession of managers failed to live upto Sir Bobby and it all ended in tears with relegation last season.

As a Villa fan, I can't believe the lack of respect for Redknapp. In our case, Martin O'Neill's done a similar repair job at Villa Park. Deadly Doug and David O'Leary were getting it all wrong. Then O'Neill arrived, with the funding and goodwill of new owner, Randy Lerner.

Now we've a real chance of silverware and we dare to dream of a second European Cup to add to our collection! We wouldn't want a highly paid mercenary like Mourinho supersede the MON Project. No way!

Under Redknapp, Spurs can grasp one of football's most highly-prized possessions - something Arsenal have in abundance and which has led to much glory. Stability. For me, Redknapp's a Tottenham success story.

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  1. Because they think they're the biggest club in the world. Actually west ham are...
    And he's bent as the M25.,.

  2. Mourinho...Some football fans have delusions of grandeur......WAKE UP are only Spurs in disguise lol

  3. My argument has always surrounded dropped points from games which we deserved to win and didn't.

    Everton away we threw a two-goal lead and then missed a pen in the last minute. Birmingham away conceded late.

    Stoke and Wolves at home were games we should never have lost. On the flip side I can't think of too many games we won that we didn't deserve.

    With Liverpool stuttering, and all those points thrown away, this season could have seen Spurs in the title race, not the top 4 race. That should have been our consolation prize.

    It's nothing to do with how big you perceive a club to be, it's about the results. And we should easily have 8-9 points more.

  4. Spurs fans just don't recognise a good thing when it slaps them in the face. Harry is a genius!


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