Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Rooney leaving United? No chance!

As Wayne Rooney's stature in the world game grows, the tabloids are screaming! Manchester United must offload their main man under the weight of a billion dollar debt. Rooney's goals in the San Siro and Old Trafford against AC Milan flag him up as a diamond of the first water.
For Sale to Barca or Madrid at £90million?
United need to service their £715m loan; the Glazers, having whipped twenty million out of the club are restructuring the biggest red balance sheet in football history - just to keep the behemoth afloat.
But the cock-eyed rumour mill fails to factor in the most important pillar at Old Trafford; the manager, Sir Alex Ferguson.
Not while Fergie's at the club will Rooney leave United. Madrid and Barca have two hopes of capturing Wazza: no hope and Bob Hope while the Govanator's in charge. And he is in charge.
And oh yes, United are fighting for the Premier League title, Carling Cup winners - and desite the shock of losing to Bayern Munich in the Champions League, still did for Milan. A 7-2  aggregate mauling. Does a certain Mark Twain phrase of overstated demises spring to mind?
If Wazza leaves while Sir Alex is in charge, you can be sure the Ravens will have also left the Tower. For it would demonstrate the wave of financial misfortune had swept over the Fergie Empire - and washed it away in a startlingly brutal consequence of the Credit Crunch.

No no no, Fergie is the King Canute of Football's Credit Crunch and Wayne Rooney, once a Blue, is now very much a Red.

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