Thursday, 11 March 2010

Gerrard needs to leave Liverpool for a fresh challenge

He's the chief talisman, the embodiment of modern Liverpool who more than anyone shoulders the burden of their failings.

But Steven Gerrard's loss of form and injury problems is an outward sign his career's hit the buffers. The one-man show, so often the Reds' Saviour needs to leave Anfield to kickstart his career. His club performances have lacked discipline this season and fit players don't get injured. His wild celebration when scoring from the spot at Spurs smashing the ball against the crossbar as it rebounded out the net, to scything down Reo-Coker to concede a penalty against Villa stand testimony to a man in turmoil.
Both of those games ended in defeat too.
The two reasons he's stayed at Liverpool this long look more and more flimsy: ending the nineteen-year title drought and Scouse loyalty.
Last season, Liverpool took the fight to Manchester United so far that their record would've been good enough to win the league most other seasons.
Now Rafa's Premier League project looks shot to pieces.
Defeat after defeat after defeat, an early Champions League exit, nine in the Premier League, fifteen in all competitions. It's their worst run since 1987, a rare season when the all-conquering 80's team ended trophyless as rivals Everton won the league and Coventry won the Cup.

And you wonder how much he'd benefit from leaving Merseyside to start a new life away from the area.

Motor accidents, house burglaries and the unfortunate incident in Southport which saw him acquitted in Court of punching a DJ, Gerrard's the right age to let his football do the talking - elsewhere.
And there's one club and one manager that would suit him down to the ground. But it's unthinkable. If he could swallow his Scouse pride, if he could live behind 24-hour security in Alderley Edge, then Gerrard's football would be well served playing for Manchester United and Sir Alex Ferguson.

I know, I know. It'll NEVER happen - but seriously, where else would Gerrard's career be best-served? he's not a Southerner; Chelsea and Arsenal are just wrong for him. Barcelona and Real Madrid? Not sure. It might be as anti-climactic as Michael Owen's Spanish Adventure.

Gerrard's problem is that he's tied his colours so tightly to the Shankly Gates that he's going to have to play himself - and Liverpool back into contention.

But you wonder even for giant like him, it's a step to far. Gerrard needs to leave Liverpool after the World Cup in South Africa.

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  1. I think he will - I think a season in the Championship would do him a lot of good.....

  2. Class is permanent....he is probably saving a few shells in his gun for a certain event in 2010....

  3. Mr Gould my friend.....can't believe you don't want a natural talent to gel your beloved O'Neill brigade together??? I think AV would be true title contenders with him...

  4. There are rumours that I'm sure you know about Mr G that he's a bit too close to Liverpool's gangland and when it looked like he was going to move two or three years ago - he was "persuaded" not too...!!!


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