Monday, 12 January 2009

Podcast Memories: Carragher's "bottler" broadcast

Watching Liverpool's Jamie Carragher appear as a Sky Sports summariser during Manchester United's 3-nil Premier League win over Chelsea was a bit of a wind-up... so I thought I'd pick this one out of the Soccermongery onion bag - the day Carra* was wound-up himself.
And oooh, didn't he take the bait with this! Have a listen to this podcast gold. From nowhere, Carragher phoned up talkSPORT Radio to respond to presenter Adrian Durham's allegations that he was a bottler.
*for maximum listening pleasure, say Carra in a Liverpudlian accent during download. Go on, try it.... Jarreh, Jarreh (note the J as in the Spanish, Javier). No wonder Rafa enjoys speaking English. His ajj-cent is well-equipped to deal with the rigours and contours of Stanley Parj banter, no?
This was an example of pressure getting to players where reputation is questioned all the time. But ultimately, aren't football matches won on the field of play ... not in the mind?
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  1. Carra is an utter legend!!! Instead of the usual footballers predictable soundbytes because they haven't got the brains to come up with something original Carra is a beacon of originality and integrity! Watch him on the pitch and you will see that he gives absolutely everything in his performance. He's like Roy Keane in his heyday in that he takes no nonsense and gives 100 percent and it is no surprise he is a local hero. Now you know why we all dream of a team of Carraghers!!!!! Tiny T


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