Tuesday, 13 November 2012

No Rovers Return for Harry - but he wants a hotseat!

Harry Redknapp’s recent trip to Lancashire for talks with Blackburn Rovers was the clearest indication yet of a continued yearning for management.

Rosey 47 and his other tax exile doggie.
The 65-year-old ex-Tottenham boss emerged as a surprise candidate to succeed Steve Kean at Ewood Park.

Redknapp faced competition from former Blackburn defender Henning Berg, interviewed the day before and ultimately successful. Blackpool’s Ian Holloway was talked of before his cloak and dagger switch to Crystal Palace.

But in the end there was no Rovers Return.

A drop down to the Championship for the England favourite eight months ago and a daily commute from his Canford Cliffs paradise was a step too far.

It would certainly have proved a major coup for Rovers if he took the job.

I thought at the time the interview was a merry dance which suited both Redknapp and Rovers. 

But it advertises Harry and puts a flag in the sand to measure Rovers’ ambitions too.

There's no question Redknapp's about to make a return. Football's in his blood. He comes from the English game's leading dynasty.

Jamie's his son, Frank Lampard's his nephew - but more importantly, he's of a "certain age".

Experience is de rigeur in football. When Sir Alex Ferguson says 'there's nothing' after management and Arsene Wenger says retirement talk is for young people, Redknapp's also of that ilk. His return is rubber-stamped.

And after Queen's Park Rangers less than auspicious start to the season, Mark Hughes' position must be in question.

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  1. Love it mate....especially those dogs. Yeah he's on his way back no question. Hughes must be quaking in his boots. Harry's a shoe in at QPR. Here boy!! Woof.


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