Monday, 14 February 2011

Richard Keys & Andy Gray: first moments on talkSPORT

Here are the first three minutes of Keys and Gray's return to work. Any ship in a storm? certainly not and the disgraced pair can count themselves lucky that talkSPORT wanted them. As one door closes, another opens as my Grandma Estelle always said, and the former Sky Sports duo took to the national speech station like a duck to water.

The dynamic between Keys and Gray will certainly change. The fiery Scot will have to become accustomed to a support pundit role, as Coventry Keys will link at the controls, but I'm sure it'll settle down into a top class show.

Richard's steady style doesn't need much tweaking from his TV demeanour. In any event, he can draw on experience gained at Liverpool's Radio City two decades ago. But Gray needs to inject something into his delivery. That'll come. But he seemed a little miserable on his first day.

talkSPORT acted cannily in signing the pair quickly - and as if to demonstrate the sudden market flurry in radio talent, Mike Parry who quit Hatfields after a decade, pairs up with Robbie Savage to present 6-0-6 this Saturday evening.

A week is a long time in national radio!

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