Saturday, 4 September 2010

Capello seems oblivious to how it works in England

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 Fabio Capello declares consternation at how the English press build him up to knock him down. After the comfortable 4-nil win over Bulgaria in England's first game of the Euro 2012 qualification campaign, Capello insists he will get on with the job of managing the team in the same way he's done all along.

The truth is Fabio, you've got to bend a bit to the way it works here, or you'll get into more trouble.

The only way the Italian can escape a huge media barrage - is to keep winning. I suppose the Euro 2012 campaign will keep the wolves from the door for the next couple of years, such is the comfort of the opposition we're pitted against. Unless of course, he endorses a product he shouldn't or gets up to some unnamed no good!

But Capello must learn to be more surefooted with English custom and the management of his players. What worked with provincial players at Roma certainly doesn't work with our pack of feral and insular millionaires from the Premier League.

The Capello Index was a huge cock-up and he should know better than to take on David Beckham. Telling Becks his career was over and offering him a testimonial was swiftly rejected by the former England skipper. It showed no sensitivity to the player's star quality and his near bodily commitment to the England cause.

Didn't Becks return from injury to steer Real Madrid to the Primera Liga after his Real boss Capello had written him off earlier in the season?

Now Capello will look suspect if he doesn't select Beckham when the LA Galaxy star does eventually return to full fitness.

Yes, a 4-nil win is good. We've come to see Capello knows how to manage us to tournaments, its when we get there we don't have a scooby.

But his thoughts on the English press show a lack of understanding of England, the culture and the job here and at 64, a stubborn steadfastness to values which don't belong here.

Fabio: on the salary you're on here, understand that you are fair game for the most vitriolic criticism! It's our team and you are a mere temporary custodian of it.

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