Thursday, 22 July 2010

Thierry Henry tackles New York TV

Watch Thierry Henry on New York's breakfast TV sofa! This is without doubt one of the most ill-informed, ill-prepared-for TV interviews I've ever seen - even by lowly American standards of soccer coverage.

Not only do the two shiny presenters fail to grasp who they have with them, but they also present a xenophobic view of Europe to confirm the irrational fears of even the most insular of Yanks watching.

They even keep rolling the handball goal over and over as an example of his greatness!

I hope it teaches Le Cheat a lesson. It might be a great city, but what a vainglorious, ordinary football hub for Henry to be stewing at in the autumn of his career. He could've still played for a major European team without the distraction of playing for France.

His anonymous time with Barcelona, the handball incident and the collapse of the French World Cup bring the curtain down on what should've been a glorious lap of honour.

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