Saturday, 3 July 2010

Germany strike vier into the heart of Argentina

It's hard to say this as an England fan, but you can't argue with Germany's appearance in the World Cup semi-finals.

For the third time in South Africa, Germany have struck four in a game.

If anyone wants to know how to beat Germany, they'd be advised to watch the Serbs' one-nil win over them during the group stages.

In beating big guns England and Argentina, they've shown how a well executed gameplan and strong organisation will mostly win the day at this level.

Though the Argentines have all the flair in the world, the Germans stopped them playing. Messi, Higuain and Tevez were utterly neutralised. Germany's defence was so organised as a unit, both in open play and at setpieces.

In stark contrast, Germany's opening goal came as a consequence of undrilled Argentine defending.

As for the performance against England, Germany were so superior in organisation, we all know we were made to look like a pub team.

This World Cup has been a triumph of substance over style. It mightn't be as pretty on the eye as other World Cups, but it's a fascinating tool with which to learn about the game.

After a slightly below par tournament, the semi-final match-ups are intriguing.

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  1. no, let's congratulate the shocking Saudi ref for the softest red card in the history of the world cup finals... poor old Klose got a horror decision, missed out on taking the pen Podolski missed too...

  2. I think what Germany have exemplified beautifully - is that to be sucessful you need a team, and not individuals.
    They are, as you said Jonny, wonderfully organised and it is great to witness the way in which they defend in mass numbers, and move forward as one as well. They crowded Messi and Tevez at every turn and what's more, Germany actually played as Argentina expected, and still they could do nothing about it. Full credit to Joachim in his tasty blue pringles V neck.

  3. Are they more of a team without Ballack, as good a player tha the is? I thought that with Germany being so well organised that Arengtina played into their hands. Heads down, running with the ball, little passing, no plan B which exposed the coaching limitations of Maradona. I agree with your overall impression of the tournament. Not so many stand out games, but if you enjoy substance, the tactical battles, then it has been held some fascination.

  4. John, you've raise an interesting point about Ballack's loss to the German squad. As a senior player, he may have disrupted this group of well-drilled crop of youngsters. It reminds me of the golden generation of France. Would they have won the World Cup, Euro 2000 and the Confed Cup if Cantona and Ginola had have been involved? Probably not, knowing how big those characters were! Sometimes enforced absences are a blessing in disguise.


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