Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Jose Mourinho: Motorway Man of football

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As Jose Mourinho is Motorway Man: a materialistic, car-dependent middle manager at the centre of the cross-party tussle for votes in a tightly fought General Election.
The parties were looking at new housing estates near motorways – home to salesmen and other white-collar workers, who spent long hours on the road.
These we're told, were crucial to get David Cameron into office, and switch the electoral map back from red to blue.
Except in this case, Mourinho could be switched from blue to red!
The Portugeezer, who last week proclaimed Italian football didn't like him, and he didn't like it, covets a return to the Premier League (er, he meant Primera Liga!).
He's materialistic alright, loves his motor and wears a white collar! Even after leaving Chelsea, Roman Abramovich splashed out £2 million on a limited edition Ferrari 612 Scaglietti for his former team boss.
And weighing in on £8.3million a year at the Giuseppe Meazza, he can be classed as someone focused on remuneration.
Yes, the Reds of Trafford, the Blues of Manchester and the Yellows of Liverpool (away 2008/9) were all on a watching brief to bring Mourinho back to power in England! In the end, Jose waved the White Flag and surrendered to Madrid's overtures.
Jose Mourinho: football's Motorway Man.
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