Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Keano on the edge in mobile phone rage

This is classic Roy Keane! In the middle of his news conference, the Ipswich boss is halted by a reporter's mobile going off, apparently for the second time. When confronted by Keano, the reporter fails to turn it off. Does he have a deathwish or what?
Watch Keane's eyes as he does his best to show restraint and control. He wouldn't have done that when he was a player.

Reminiscent of Joe Pesci's performance as Tommy in Goodfellas. Never a dull moment with Keano!
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  1. Can't help but like Keane, even as a Liverpool fan. Of course if he had played for Liverpool he would have been totally idolised by Liverpool fans. Thought he let that journo off lightly to be honest - very disrespectful.


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