Monday, 14 September 2009

Adebayor should be banned and fined heavily

As fans we've had to suffer frequent acts of petulant posturing from itinerant, ignorant footballers in the Premier League years. But we've surely not seen as disgusting a show as at Eastlands on Saturday involving Emmanuel Adabayor.
The Manchester City striker was facing up to his former Arsenal teammates for the first time since his big-money move in the summer, and even before kick-off he seemed intent on looking for trouble.

In drawing blood from his one-time strike partner Robin van Persie by raking his studs across the Dutchman's cheek, Adebayor showed what a low-life scumbag he truly is. Admittedly, van Persie did go in with a rumbustuous tackle which up-ended the giant Togolese striker - but it was merely a challenge in the context of the rough-and-tumble that is Premier League competition.

Adebayor's retaliatory action certainly was not.

Then after scoring, Adebayor sprinted a full ninety yards to taunt Arsenal's visiting support. Unsurprisingly, it sparked off unrest among the travelling contingent. Missiles and insults were hurled - and you can't blame the fans for doing it.
I only wish a Gooner had got onto the pitch and landed one on Adebayor's hooter. Instant natural justice would have been administered and we would have had to say no more about it.
But unfortunately that didn't happen. Now the Premier League, the FA or even Manchester City should take action. Something that'll bring order and respect back to the game. Like a half-million pound fine and a twelve-match ban. What Adebayor did is just not on.
His two headline grabbing actions will live long in the memory and if English football's to maintain some sort of integrity, the powers that be should severely censure him.

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  1. Although Adebayor's behaviour was unacceptable and should be punished by the FA, Man City, Gordon Brown, The Pope and with sanctions from the UN, there are no circumstances where the throwing of missiles or punching of players can be advocated. None. Like even if a player were to be rude about your mum.

  2. I don't care how much he was provoked, he's a professional footballer (that's 'professional' in its literal sense, not in a subjective opinion sense), he's paid a fortune - he should accept the goading and the insults, he should just get on with the football - yes, punish Van Persie, yes, have a go at Arsenal over the fans' conduct but throw the book at Adabayor and Man City.

  3. Throw the book at him.

  4. Francis Collings (off the telly!)Monday, September 14, 2009 3:30:00 pm

    Jonny, it's rare but I have to disagree. I subscribe more to Martin Kelner's views in the Guardian today. If the FA ignored totally the Adebayor celebration, (or gave him a slap on the wrist) and banned him for the kick, it would send the right message. Fine him and ban him for the kick on Van Persie by all means. But fans who hurl dreadful abuse, and then feign mock indignation and fury when a player celebrates a goal - are just stupid. Hurl the abuse if you must, but then accept it if a player puts his fingers to his lips (Ronaldo style) or waves his arms around, which is all Adebayor actually did.

  5. Fair enough, Francis. You're right that both cases should be treated separately from the other. A ban and fine for the attack on van Persie is clear and that the fan taunting requires a different judgement. But in truth, such was the highly charged atmosphere, they didn't happen in isolation of one another. Can an overall punishment for Adebayor be avoided?

  6. Well he will get a ban, and the FA will probably throw the book at him, but as a neutral, I love it when a fan scores and winds up more moronic elements in the crowd.
    And are we really complaining about the 90 yard dash ? What if he'd scored at that end and celebrated in a similar fashion, i.e. entirely normally ? Would we have the same fuss ?

  7. Yep, can't argue with that Francis. The 90-yard dash over magnifies the transgression.


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