Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Rafa shows guile and toughness to secure a better future for Liverpool

Chief executive Rick Parry's departure from Liverpool at the end of the season has secured a more stable future for Rafa Benitez and the club.
Despite disharmony between Messrs. Gillett and Hicks and the spats between Benitez and Parry, Liverpool's first team have continued to produce their most realistic title bid since they last won it in 1991.
Rafa's Reds are year-by-year getting closer to challenging Manchester United for the Premier League - a timely reminder to any big club that if the team keep winning, control comes from the manager's office. Parry had to go.
Benitez has taken a major step towards gaining more control over which players should be bought and sold. He's shown what a tough guy and a clever operator he is after the row which simmered and boiled over after they failed to sign Aston Villa's Gareth Barry.
Now all Gillett and Hicks need to do is secure Rafa on a new long-term contract. He's the best boss they've had since Kenny Dalglish.
Finally the Reds are emerging from the shadow of the Boot Room, which so dominates and drives expectation and lore at Anfield.
The club needs to find a replacement who won't stand in the way of Rafa, who's growing powerbase at Anfield will be rather formidable for anyone they appoint.
In Brian Barwick, they have a ready-made replacement to usher in a new era of peace. A Liverpool fan with a tough exterior but an expedient way of working.
Parry's departure was as important to Liverpool as keeping Steven Gerrard or signing Fernando Torres.
Liverpool fans should rejoice!
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