Saturday, 19 June 2010

Memories of Better Times: The Peter Crouch Robot or Robocrouch!

Do you remember when England dominated games and netted three or four? No, nor do I!

Actually, our run-up to the World Cup Finals was pretty impressive but our best displays were often in mistmatch qualifiers or laid back friendlies.

We've really been shown up in South Africa!

And why's Crouchie been restricted to a last-ditch second game runout - with no sign of Joe Cole at all?

Well, we just wouldn't be able to call ourselves Soccermongers without tipping our Michael Jackson-type hat to Peter Crouch, the International Robot, it's Robocrouch himself! Enjoy responsibly.

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Here's a man who makes the very most of his physical attributes. A man totally confident and comfortable in his own body.

How else can this extraordinary celebration set be explained.

It might not have earned him a transfer to Tottenham, but it certainly got the Pringles sponsorship team talking!

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