Friday, 18 June 2010

AUDIO: Capello tight-lipped over team selection

Like Sir Alf Ramsey before him, England boss Fabio Capello keeps the nation and his players guessing about who'll figure in the starting line-up for tonight's game with Algeria in Cape Town.

It was a tactic that always kept Sir Alf's squad on their toes - and performing, and ensures that control remains very much in the manager's office (if they win, of course!)

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson, our mayor of London urges fans to master the vuvuzela with some stirring Churchillian words. Statesman or 'Kin State Of That Man? you decide!

And after another World Cup shock this afternoon provided by Serbia's 1-nil win over Germany, maybe England have less to worry about than first thought.

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  1. Capello has an excellent track record in management and some of the criticism he's received in recent days has been completely uncalled for. However, I don't think I agree with his policy of only informing his players of the team line-up at such short notice.
    I'd let them know on the morning of the game, if not the night before. That would give them the chance to mentally prepare properly and to get themselves into the right frame of mind for the game, rather than being on edge all day not knowing whether they're taking part or not.
    The players should already know that nobody is irreplaceable and there's no room for sentimentality. Capello has shown that often enough already, and even more so during his time in club management.
    I feel I must comment on the Serbia-Germany result. Living in Wales, I'm slightly detached from the hype and endless flag waving, so maybe I can offer a more objective view.
    That German side is still very, very good, and they didn't do much wrong today.
    Klose's sending off was dubious to put it mildly. Referee Alberto Undiano Mallenco was an absolute disgrace and showed himself to be completely out of his depth taking charge of a match at this level.
    I can't say I even remember him from Spanish league football, but I gather he has a reputation for leniency at domestic level.
    The powers that be ought to send him home immediately. He was totally inconsistent, and was booking players for offences in the first half that they would've got away with in the second half.
    He may well have influenced the result and I don't think the Germans need to worry too much about the way they played today.
    By the way, I'm backing England 100% tonight. No flags in my window though!


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