Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Fergie hints at continued influence at United

Thanks for 2004 to 2010, Wayne.
It was his last home game at Old Trafford and Sir Alex Ferguson received rightful rapturous applause for 26 years of magnificent management at Manchester United.

United beat Swansea 2-1 with a typical late strike, the signature and style of so many United triumphs over the years.

He gave a candid series of after-match interviews and confirmed his retirement had been planned for months, and it's largely down to personal reasons.

I revealed earlier this season that David Gill had announced his departure from Old Trafford before Fergie so as not to upstage the big man’s retirement. Privately, Gill had always vowed never to leave the club while Fergie was manager.
Because I'm worth it.
It was a real signal that moves were afoot for a change at the helm.

But Sir Alex also says the death of his wife's sister played a big part in him deciding to step down as manager.

But if you think Sir Alex is going quietly, think again. He also confirmed Wayne Rooney slapped in another transfer request. And he’d said NO!

He says the player has grown frustrated at being substituted in recent games.

Humility nay slight embarrassment. "I'm joining United."
Fergie says we won’t let him leave. The clearest indication yet that Fergie will be Director …of Football. Some of Moyes’ decisions will be ratified - or hamstrung by Fergie’s determination and experience. "Don't worry about that!"

When Bill Shankly left Liverpool, the Anfield board were determined that he was ushered away so Bob Paisley could run the team. They’d learned from Matt Busby’s continued presence which hung like a shadow over his successors.

The difference is David Moyes has managerial pedigree – but don’t think Fergie won’t have a say in some of the key personnel decisions as his comments implied so yesterday.

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