Friday, 17 May 2013

Is Moyes really United's best option?

David Moyes needs a holiday.

Every kick on the touchline
The pasty-faced Scot could do with some sunshine before he becomes a pale imitation of the red one.

His appointment as Manchester United manager is a snapshot of the moment. United could, apparently, do no better than the sixth best manager in the Premier League; the universal acclaim with which his succession to the throne at Old Trafford has been greeted hides some uncomfortable truths.

His Champions League experience amounts to two games. Both 2-1 defeats in 2005 to, an admittedly very useful, Villareal. He has never won a trophy and the football Everton have played in his eleven years lacked flair, imagination and style. Functional, you might say.

Also swept under the astroturf are Everton’s habitual slow start and the exasperation of long suffering Evertonians. The failure to make much of an impression in the cups came to a head in March following the pathetic performance in the FA Cup quarter final defeat at home to Wigan. The reaction was rancorous.

Everton never won at Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool or Manchester United while he was manager.

Sir Alex shared wine, drunk wine and sold wine.
Moyes is from Glasgow, a hard worker and, crucially, a mate of Sir Alex’s so these shortcomings were overlooked.

How wise it was to have allowed Sir Alex so much input in choosing his successor and make him a director as well as an ambassador remains to be seen.

Moyes, although respectful of his predecessor in a slightly fearful way, is strong enough to be his own man but will soon find himself compromised if every decision that has to ratified upstairs has to suit Sir Alex or face a veto.

The Glazers, who operate United in a parallel universe governed by the New York Stock Exchange, probably see the successor to chief executive and vice chairman David Gill as far more important in maintaining the brand. As long as they keep signing big name players - any stars will do - and winning trophies - any silverware will do - the sponsors will be happy. 

Brand = First Team + Silverware x History.

United should have cast aside sentiment and hired the best man they could for the job and that man is Jose Mourinho. They would also have had a better chance of luring Cristiano Ronaldo back to Manchester.

Ronaldo in a United shirt is as unlikely as this!
At the Bernabeu a couple of weeks ago I could see that any link between Ronaldo and United is ridiculous.

He runs the team and will be Real Madrid player next year, whoever's in the dugout as boss. The paper talk is nonsense as Ronaldo's outgrown United especially now Fergie's not in the dressing room.

He is a Latino and the focus of Real’s world. Why would he want to play for a dour tactician who will never extend the special treatment he receives at Real?

He knows where the sun shines and it is not in Manchester.

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