Thursday, 1 November 2012

How the Clattenburg controversy will end up

Obi proved a difficult customer
Chelsea have made an official complaint to the Football Association regarding alleged "inappropriate language" made by referee Mark Clattenburg towards midfielder John Obi Mikel.
The European Champions won't pursue similar allegations involving another first team player, said to be Juan Mata.
The Blues formally complained to the FA after a "thorough internal investigation".
A second charge by Mata's been dropped by Chelsea
So here’s what’s going to happen:
The independent panel charged with looking into this won't be able to decide between conflicting evidence, so Clattenburg will be found not guilty.

It’s four English speaking officials versus a main witness whose mother tongue is Portuguese and whose English is far from fluent. It’s staggering Chelsea think they can prove anything on the balance of probability and that their legal counsel should recommend going forward.

But there could still be collateral damage for Clattenburg. It may well cost him the chance of refereeing at the World Cup as our FA’s representative.
There's no chance of him being found guilty. I believe Chelsea are pushing ahead just to save face. With thanks to Chris Davies of the Sunday People. 


  1. I don't believe Clattenberg made either remark, the accusation could well have stemmed from worry over the referees report mentioning the foul.language directed at him after every decision that was plain to see from the match footage. I also think that Chelsea's legal team will chase whatever they're paid to.. Abramovic is no stranger to lying and cheating..its where his money came from.

  2. Wooah! Slow down. That's totally unacceptable and not the view of me, soccermongery and blogger. At least have the courage to not be anonymous. Cowardly stuff.

  3. Sorry?..cowardly stuff? anonymity not an option offered on posting?..if you were so shocked, why allow it to be posted?..the comment has to be checked before you allow it to be published..the fact that I commented stating quite clearly that it was my opinion says I never in any way suggested it was your opinion..get off your high horse.. as to my points.. have Chelsea, their players and officials ever lied or made false statements to make their players or club seem better?.. ask the fa.. they seem to think they have..have they ever lied about officials and their behaviour to excuse their bad performance?..ask Mourinho.. were these agreed to by paid legal representatives?.. and is Clattenburg, as self involved and self publicising as he is likely to have made these insulting and disgusting comments?..really?... watch the games.. did you watch that one.. you can clearly see the fella being told to f*** off and being called a c*** on a few wouldn't be the first time..but he's a bloody good ref.. it wouldn't be enough to make him retalliate with racist garbage. As for Abramovic, he has a less than perfect past as several court cases allude to.. he keeps out of the spotlight accordingly... Again..these are MY opinions, and the opinions of quite a few supporters of different clubs... No-one is suggesting you agree.. bloody good shows you make..but they wouldn't be anything if we had to all stick to your opinion or the opinions dished out by clubs... I'm posting anonymously because I can..don't like it..remove the option.

  4. Basically I agree with your opinion - and Chelsea do nothing to enhance the game's image. In fact, it's debatable whether Abramovich's influence is more negative than positive in the Premier League.

    It's just the last bit about lying and cheating which crosses over the opinion line into defamation. While it might be classed as your opinion, it's a shame to blood it with unproven comment.

  5. Yes...could have been more appropriately worded.. for that I do apologise. on Abramovic..I'm kind of grateful that he came in and hurled money about..we've seen some amazing players in the Premier league since he bought Chelsea and other billionaires have done the same, we probably wouldn't have seen them outside of Manchester United otherwise... But with that came the financial pressures and rocketing prices that are to the detriment of the best league in the world.. Keep up the good work on Talksport..

  6. Jonny, as always another informative piece. Thanks for allowing me to post my take on these events on your page.


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