Thursday, 1 November 2012

How the Clattenburg controversy will end up

Obi proved a difficult customer
Chelsea have made an official complaint to the Football Association regarding alleged "inappropriate language" made by referee Mark Clattenburg towards midfielder John Obi Mikel.
The European Champions won't pursue similar allegations involving another first team player, said to be Juan Mata.
The Blues formally complained to the FA after a "thorough internal investigation".
A second charge by Mata's been dropped by Chelsea
So here’s what’s going to happen:
The independent panel charged with looking into this won't be able to decide between conflicting evidence, so Clattenburg will be found not guilty.

It’s four English speaking officials versus a main witness whose mother tongue is Portuguese and whose English is far from fluent. It’s staggering Chelsea think they can prove anything on the balance of probability and that their legal counsel should recommend going forward.

But there could still be collateral damage for Clattenburg. It may well cost him the chance of refereeing at the World Cup as our FA’s representative.
There's no chance of him being found guilty. I believe Chelsea are pushing ahead just to save face. With thanks to Chris Davies of the Sunday People.