Tuesday, 23 October 2012

They think it's all over... it is now, Ceefax

You couldn't run Teletext off an internal aerial
We've not used it for years - the technology has been totally superseded by Twitter, social media and apps.

What was black, white and read all over? Page 101, of course!

BBC Ceefax drew its very, very last breath in October 2012. Digital Switchover is complete leaving football fans with happy memories of sedentary indoor fun with occasional bouts of very sudden jumping up in celebration.

38 years of news, weather plus a selection of pages and elevator music on BBC1 overnight, has met its Waterloo. 

But the fan experience is just incomplete without having "watched" at least one of your team's games via the scrolling pages.

That's better! Look, a hat-trick from Matty Fryatt!
Ten games spread across three pages, all lasting twenty seconds each, how many of us hung onto every turn of the page, especially as it got closer to full time?

Would Platty get that late goal to break the Villa stalemate at home to Palace? Could Thorstvedt hold on against the mighty Anfield onslaught of Rush and Aldridge?

Oh, the agony of conceding a late goal - oh, the thrill of seeing a late winner flash up! Like the turning of a blackjack card in the casino: it's in, we've won! How many of you freely admit jumping round your front room at a Teletext update?

Almost as good as being there - and no queue to get out the ground in the cold either.

No, Teletext was the perfect media to exacerbate the pain of the football fan's lot and the Soccermongery flag is at half-mast in honour of our ever-dependable BBC pal, Ceefax!