Saturday, 22 May 2010

The Nike World Cup advert: the best ever?

Starring Rooney, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Ribéry. Rip roaring!

Also on Soccermongery: why Grant the loser is lauded as a winner. plus:

Soccermongery's Champions League video preview:


  1. Build me a statue, name a stadium with my name, make a tv show especially for me, put my picture everywhere on big paintings, print money with my head on it...the year of the credit crunch with obscene mortgage banker bonuses, while people have still no houses in New Orleans, MP expenses claims, increase in taxes for every decent workers in the country, the duchess of York asking for few thousands bucks to open doors, this ad is bad taste, bad attitude of seeking all attention and cameras at any price. For what just making a tackle?

    What product are they actually marketing?
    anything a regular worker can buy for his child ?

    Thanks for that future: the family diner with the mama doing pasta for everyone and the people who have to watch the game in the street certainly contrasts with princesses with the shoes...

  2. Wow! you're probably right, Jean-Yves. As with all things in the Beautiful Game these days, you have to ignore some of the ugliness that surrounds it, to actually enjoy it.


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