Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Posh gives Becks the bum's rush!

It wasn't all soccer for David Beckham during his days in America! There was plenty of time for rest and relaxation. A chance to survey some Californian sunshine!
He might be a "family man" - but you only have to have seen Beckham on the pitch to know about his roving eye and spatial awareness. A picture story where you can make up your own punchlines!

But Goldenballs, 21, capped by his country 300 times, obviously didn't learn his lesson from Colombia '98. You can't do sneaky off the ball stuff in front of the referee.

Posh's got her eye right on you! Well it's no good remonstrating with the ref after the event. You're in the book, son and I'd tread very carefully for the remainder of the game if I were you!


  1. 41-year-old former England skipper, capped by his country 250 times?????

  2. Brilliant. The lyrics of ' if a picture paints a thousand words....' comes to mind

  3. Fantastic! Posh always looks like that though doesn't she?


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