Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Just accept it. Moyes is happy at Everton!

Manager of the month for September 2012
Whenever Sir Alex Ferguson fields succession questions in those rambling Friday news conferences, when the likes of Spurs and Villa seek new managers, it's been David Moyes who's provided the easy headline.

How long will he stay at Goodison before feeling the need to exercise the wider resources or cheque book of a bigger club? When will ten-years-and-counting be enough for him to cease making silk purses out of sow's ears down Gwladys Street?

But sooner or later, we'll have to face the facts - and it doesn't suit sports journalists looking for a great story.

He's happy at Everton and wants to stay.

Birmingham Evening Mail: Moyes link was serious
Moyes clearly has a special relationship with owner Bill Kenwright and that's just as well - because he's going nowhere either!

Everton's been For Sale for years but as Keith Harris, who's found investors for five Premier League clubs and was charged with finding a buyer for the Blues, conceded that in a economically humble city with Liverpool FC in it too, investors aren't exactly going to beat down the door.

Kenwright once said that if Moyes wanted the keys to United post-Alex, he'd personally chauffeur him to Old Trafford.

But that won't happen either! Well, not in the foreseeable future.

Because while he's not discounting the Old Trafford job, Moyes has privately admitted to those on Merseyside that he'd rather be the next-but-one Old Trafford boss.

Succeeding a legend like Fergie is a hiding to nothing, a poisoned chalice: canny Moyes would rather wait for the itinerant Jose Mourinho or Michael Phelan to shuffle off and keep the seat warm for him instead.

And why would he leave Everton at the moment? His current squad is widely regarded as his best yet. Phil Jagielka and Leighton Baines are in contention to become England regulars and Silvain Distin's a great pro, while Jelavic and Fellaini bring craft and quality to their attack. The return of Steven Pienaar and experience of Philip Neville means the Toffees hold their own in midfield.

The toughest act to follow: this one's twenty years ago.
This is a breakthrough season - because even if Everton don't qualify for Europe, they'll probably achieve something not yet done in Moyes' reign: finishing above Liverpool for a second season running. This is a step to establishing Everton as a major club.

Moyes' stock and reputation's at an all-time high too. He's won the LMA Manager of the Year award three times - only Sir Alex can match that achievement.

Financial Fairplay rules will reward parsimonious stability too. The meek shall inherit the earth. It's what the boardrooms at Everton and indeed Arsenal have been banking on for years - through barren trophyless campaigns.

Then there's the 70% rise in TV rights: that'll make for a more level playing field when Everton compete with bigger clubs for players.

And when you take all of this into account, where's better for Moyes to manage?

No. David Moyes is a Toffee into the future and the rest of us will just have to chew over that.

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