Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Tevez link with Corinthians shows Joorabchian still "owns" him

I thought football had rid itself of the scourge of players shackled to economic rights ownership.

Tevez, Pardew, Mascherano.
Evidently not.

As Carlos Tevez seeks to leave the Premier League to be nearer his daughters, it seems Corinthians are launching a £35m bid to bring the Argentine (near) home.

Brazilian football's just signed a huge TV deal, taking it to another financial level. Reminiscent of the Sky TV revolution here twenty years ago, Brazil didn't have that fiscal might before. When Corinthians signed Tevez and Javier Mashcerano from Argentina first time round, it involved unprecedented fees for the Brazilian game. Then the pair joined West Ham United, which was even more unlikely - a switch which landed the Hammers right in it with Sheffield United and the Premier League.

It smells a bit to me like Kia and the gang are ready to take "ownership" of Tevez again - and loan him to the Brazilian outfit.

With the tabloid headlines screeching a £35m transfer fee, it's a normal deal on the surface only.

City's unlimited ambitions aren't enough!
When Manchester City bought Carlito from Manchester United, City's billionaire owners had to shell out £47m, not to United but to Kia Joorabchian and his consortium. That was to buy out all claims on the players future earnings.

Tevez's track record suggests he's a mercenary with little desire to pledge loyalty to anyone or anything. His private and professional life show it - and his connection with Joorabchian's never quite been broken. But middle men who own portions of his future earnings don't suit the more mature European game, held to ransom as it is by agents already.

Though Tevez is a good player, both City and the Premier League are better off without the baggage he brings here.

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