Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Arsenal defensive problem solved!

A club like Arsenal scour the world to find the best in football talent, so who would've Adam and Eved it that the solution to their goalkeeper and centre-back problem lay just a couple of miles from Highbury!

Like two (book) ends.
Here's Mayor of London, Boris Johnson and yours truly in the Outdoor Games Area of TreeHouse School for autistic children in Highgate, North London.

It's a beautifully equipped school with 140 dedicated staff, looking after 80 children upto the age of 18. Believe me, the kids lives are transformed through this form of intensive education.

Ken can't half hit them.
Note the assuredness, sheer majesty of girth and the suits that would grace any Cup Final day! Then the calamity of the defence breached from a set-piece.

There were Arsenal community officers present. I'm sure whispers have reached the manager's office already. They've been conceding like this all season!

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