Monday, 4 April 2011

Michael Jackson statue reduces Cottage status

Can't see the wood for the trees.

We all know Chairman Mo plumbs depths of nouveau riche bad taste, but lobbing this joke of a statue up at Craven Cottage makes both a fool of himself and a target for mockery from away support. 

Like a sad orphan cast out from its rightful Harrod's home (the intended resting place for this garbage), Al Fayed's imposed MJ's effigy on his football public instead. Why didn't you put it in your back garden instead, Mo?

"If you don' like it, go'n'suppor' Chelsea instead!", snapped 'gyppy Mo at incredulous Cottagers, so scoring a silly PR own goal in the process.

Challenging McClaren's authority?

Coulda been Mo and MJ's lovechild
But the Fulham faithful have a point. Isn't this an insult to the club's real icons? Elland Road has Billy Bremner, Stoke City sits behind Sir Stanley Matthews, it's Cloughie at Forest and William McGregor outside Villa Park. Surely Wacko shouldn't overshadow Johnny Haynes at the Cottage? Mind you, chop its hair and you get Bobby Zamora, so it's not all bad, I suppose.

But which visiting boss will be able to resist a quip about the neither black nor white effigy? Every Fulham fan remembers the ridicule the Bad star suffered when he went to the Cottage one Saturday. They chanted "I'm forever blowing Bubbles!" as he did a lap of honour.

Brum, baby burn!
It won't be long before someone puts a traffic cone on MJ's head or takes direct action and burns it down like the ridiculous statue in Birmingham's Centenary Square; never replaced after being ravaged by fire eight years ago.

There's no truth in the rumour that its made of the same material as Jacko was after 1994!

Your home ground needs to be a fortress, not a focus for stunts like this. But don't worry Fulham fans, nothing is forever. It's a gimme for the new owner to stamp his or her authority on the club and be removed ten seconds after arrival!

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