Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Terry rewarded for treachery and disloyalty

Capello: pointless England manager
So John Terry's in from the cold and being made England skipper again. The zeitgeist proclaims he's been punished enough for sleeping with a teammate's ex and Fabio Capello, who once proclaimed Terry would never be his captain again - has performed a volte face.

All this because snubbed Terry had to stand and watch as the Captain's Armband was tossed between a clutch of other senior players during the 2-1 win in Denmark. Boo-hoo Terry, boo-hoo.

Now we have an unnecessary media cufuffle ahead of a key Euro 2012 game with Wales when the team was progressing well on the field.
John Terry: a total and utter guttersnipe
I suppose once it was decided that he would continue to figure in Capello's England set-up at all, you could hardly have him moping around like a disaffected Muttley. Terry's (bad) influence is too big for that. Lest we forget the treachery of the half-baked mutiny he tried to pull before the World Cup win over Slovenia, it seems his perceived on-field performance counts for more.

But if he was eventually going to return to the captaincy, why did Capello make such a song and dance about sacking him in the first place?
Capello's sponsorship credentials
The Captain's Armband is a bit of theatre anyway. The coronation of an alpha male among the pack, it's hardly key to the team's mechanic. It's taken on disproportionate importance for England since David Beckham became 'it', then talked and talked and talked about it in news conferences throughout his tenure.

It's an unnecessary distraction to England's preparations and Terry's the beneficiary of a weak England boss, who should've gone with him after the debacle in the summer.

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  1. Totally agree with you Jonny, Capello is not the man for the job, never has been and should have gone after the world cup, Terry must have been giving more than the girls a one for Postman Pat to have given him the arm band again. Lets face it, Terry is a a half decent player who would cry at the drop of a hatand as for Ferdinand I would tell Postman Pat where to shove his bag and cat.


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