Friday, 19 November 2010

The Queen sits for Villa portrait

Why shouldn't such a moment of national joy be marked with something very, very special.
Bigger than me and you!
We're gonna score one or two.
The Queen's posed for an Official Portrait to commemorate the engagement of her grandson, Prince William to Kate Middleton.

Prince William is an Aston Villa fan, that we've known for years. Now it's Her Majesty's turn to confirm what we all suspected.
Photoshopped 2010 version of Diana with Ash & Will
In the News Release accompanying the Portrait, Her Majesty remarked, "One's delighted at Will's engagement, but it rather overshadowed the main stories of the week; Barry Bannan's Scotland debut and the signing of World Cup ledge, Robert Pires".

"Nevertheless", she added "The City is One's, The City is One's, be rid Small Heath: The City is One's!"

"But me quandry is this. How do I demonstrate my impartiality at Wembley when Reo steps up to collect the FA Cup next May?"

(with thanks to Ian Huxtable)

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  1. funny mate. lolz. up the villa up the kate too


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