Friday, 13 August 2010

Goal line technology won't happen till Bellend retires

If like me, you've racked your brains over why video evidence still isn't used in football as it is in tennis or cricket, perhaps this fantasy scenario might make sense of it.

Imagine the World Cup and the football you watch is often subject to betting syndicates. Results are dictated by the flow of money from big gambling rackets in Russia and The Far East.

Imagine the money is so vast, it's influence is bigger than anything visible like federations, leagues, managers, television and sponsorship.

Imagine that four of the twenty-two players are bunged to effect the game's outcome. But also imagine that the referee is the most important person to get at.
Sue me, you discredited, cheating, bent bellend
Imagine football's powers-that-be accepting "tributes" from the syndicates.

FIFA boss Sepp Blatter claims football should be subject to human error and played on exactly the same basis at Soccer City in Johannesburg as it is on Hackney Marshes. There's no video replays there and so none should be used in a World Cup tie either.

It's easy to imagine therefore, that video would take significant control away from the referee and severely curtail the syndicates control over the game.

And it's easier still to imagine that while goal line technology will one day be a part of football, it could only ever happen after Blatter steps down.

Now imagine the stories of corruption in football that would surface once Blatter does go.

Sometimes fact is stranger than fantasy?

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  1. i always knew that parts of the industry was somewhat unethical but i didn't really appreciate it until i got involved with my career journey. i am a traditionalist and don't like the idea of technology but common sense should prevail and goal line technology is a no brainer. When it comes to other incidents it opens a can of large trafe worms. The only way to change football is for blatter to be replaced by gary penrice!


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