Monday, 14 September 2009

Adebayor should be banned and fined heavily

As fans we've had to suffer frequent acts of petulant posturing from itinerant, ignorant footballers in the Premier League years. But we've surely not seen as disgusting a show as at Eastlands on Saturday involving Emmanuel Adabayor.
The Manchester City striker was facing up to his former Arsenal teammates for the first time since his big-money move in the summer, and even before kick-off he seemed intent on looking for trouble.

In drawing blood from his one-time strike partner Robin van Persie by raking his studs across the Dutchman's cheek, Adebayor showed what a low-life scumbag he truly is. Admittedly, van Persie did go in with a rumbustuous tackle which up-ended the giant Togolese striker - but it was merely a challenge in the context of the rough-and-tumble that is Premier League competition.

Adebayor's retaliatory action certainly was not.

Then after scoring, Adebayor sprinted a full ninety yards to taunt Arsenal's visiting support. Unsurprisingly, it sparked off unrest among the travelling contingent. Missiles and insults were hurled - and you can't blame the fans for doing it.
I only wish a Gooner had got onto the pitch and landed one on Adebayor's hooter. Instant natural justice would have been administered and we would have had to say no more about it.
But unfortunately that didn't happen. Now the Premier League, the FA or even Manchester City should take action. Something that'll bring order and respect back to the game. Like a half-million pound fine and a twelve-match ban. What Adebayor did is just not on.
His two headline grabbing actions will live long in the memory and if English football's to maintain some sort of integrity, the powers that be should severely censure him.

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