Monday, 24 August 2009

Can Liverpool halt horrible start? Can Villa reach for the Big 4?

I'm sure you'll forgive me the self indulgence but watching my team, Aston Villa thrice bulge the Anfield onion bag made me squeal like a pig in shit!
Repelling an explosive Liverpool start, Villa pitched up with the perfect away performance, knocking the wind out of Liverpool's sails by taking their three chances at just the right times.
The Reds, unbeaten at Anfield in 31 successive matches, have now lost as many times in their opening three fixtures this season as they did throughout the whole of last.
As for Villa, this is a huge fillip after a surprise opening day defeat to Wigan and a similarly low-key loss in Vienna. There's a lot of quality near the top of the Premier League and Villa have asserted their place among the big boys emphatically.
Me? I'm off out to celebrate Villa's first win at Anfield in eight years: I'm popping down the disco and in true Merseyside-style, I'm going to punch the DJ in the gob. Hope he's playing some Phil Collins! Su-ssu-ssu-sudio!
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