Friday, 18 September 2009

Isn't John Terry 'orrible!

Soccermongery detected an 'orrible streak in Terry long before his dalliance with Vannessa Perroncel. Here's a piece written during his on-off summer switch to Manchester City.

There's something utterly repugnant about John Terry's ongoing flirtation with Manchester City.

Always presented as the unlikely superstar product of Chelsea's youth team, we expected Terry to live upto the billing and be the unique example of a one-club man in the modern era.

Maybe at 34, we mused that he'd sign a one-year deal at West Ham or QPR, but not before. No, the Champions-League-weeping, badge-kissing legend could be depended on to stay at Chelsea through thick and thin, whichever Spaniard or Italian he was paired with in the heart of the Blues defence.

But it turns out, he's a mercenary like they are!

Don't get me wrong, I support a player's right to go wherever he wants to pursue his career. I am delighted for Michael Owen in securing his dream move to Old Trafford after wandering hapless, half-injured at losing Newcastle. It is a short time in the limelight.

But Terry does have everything at Chelsea. A massive salary, trophy's galore, a guaranteed challenge for silverware every season in every competition and a springboard to retain the England captaincy for years to come.

No, this is entirely and only about money. City have offered him an outrageous pay deal - and a package to include a Charitable Trust in his name. But Terry will merely use Mark Hughes' ambition to bag a bigger deal with better terms at the Bridge.

He tried it on in the last round of contract negotiations with a series of ridiculous demands including a ten-year deal, an option to become Chelsea manager at the end of his playing days and the right to be the highest paid at the club.

And the fools at Chelsea will give him another payrise and concede to some of his demands. Of course, he won't be leaving Chelsea!

I just hope the fans don't forget this. Sure, he'll turn in match-winning performances and they'll forget it all because they think he's committed to the core.

But he's the prime example of a greedy footballer and Chelsea means less to him than his beloved fans think.

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