Saturday, 6 June 2009

Time for Mowbray to leave WBA

Now you don't have to be a Villa fan to know Albion are rubbish. Just observe the Premier League table for the season just finished!

The Baggies continued their history of yo-yoing between English football's elite and the also-rans division where Wolves and Birmingham ply their trades every other season.

So why is Tony Mowbray's stock as a manager at an unprecedented high?

He seems to have convinced the West Bromwich and Birmingham public that their stylish passing game was somehow a more than adequate substitute for being absolutely hopeless.

So much so, the Albion board issued a hands-off warning to Celtic, looking to replace Gordon Strachan as the boss at Parkhead.

Albion finished rock-bottom with the largest negative goal difference in the league. Let’s not forget they started the season as the promoted side most likely to survive the rigours of the top flight. As it turned out, they were the only club to go down, as Stoke and Hull made quite an impression in their first Premier League seasons.

Mowbray insisted on sticking to his principles of playing the game in the right way, even though they shipped goals like the Titanic shipped sea water.

This doggedness seems to have earned him the chance to win promotion from the Championship (again).

And yet if he does that, and he’s done it before, what will Albion do after that? They won’t be able to sack him. Maybe his reputation will grow even more that someone will poach him.

But what good will that do to Albion? A new manager will change many things, risking the gameplan and progress of the departing Mowbray.

Albion should encourage Mowbray out of the Hawthorns now, earn some reasonable compensation for what’s left on his contract and start again with a new boss, a new plan and parachute money earned from relegation.

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