Saturday, 7 March 2009

Villa's bum rush

A Sunday league referee ordered a penalty to be retaken when a player on the defending team broke wind as the ball was kicked.

A Chorlton Villa player was booked for ungentlemanly conduct and the ball re-spotted when the referee adjudged his flatulence had put off the taker, from rivals International Manchester.
The initial effort was saved but the retake went in, and the official compounded Villa's misery when he sent off their goalkeeper for protesting.
Two more Villa players were given their marching orders for abusive language, although they clung on to win 6-4. Villa boss Ian Treadwell said he was unsure which end the noise had come from, commenting: "My gut feeling is that someone made the noise with his mouth."
The club now face a £97 fine for the three sendings off. The referee, who asked not to be named, said: "They were not a nasty lot. It was just a normal day at the office.
"The player who made the noise was booked for ungentlemanly conduct - trying to put the other player off."
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