Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Whassup! Beware: these could be the new management teams at your club!

Worried Gooner over whether Arsene's got the answers? Concerned of Anfield about Rafa's contract? what about succession at Manchester United when Fergie calls time on his career?
Well, it could be a whole lot worse: it's majestic midfielders turned managerial muppets, Paul Ince and Bryan Robson (book him for taking his shirt off!). You'd be on target about a Manchester United conspiracy if these two were in charge of your starting eleven, so thank heavens for your current boss, eh?
Talking of Muppets, how about these two taking over in your club's boardroom? George Gillett and Tom Hicks might still own Liverpool, but their asset values are sinking faster than the Titanic. They've admitted they can't even muster enough cash to dig the first hole for the new stadium in Stanley Park. Mind you, if they did the Kop might volunteer to bury them in it!
No wonder Rafa's contract negotiations aren't about money!
And after Blackburn Rovers were linked with Graeme Souness, how about Souey and Terry McDermott returning to management? Souness is successful in every other job he's had, so after leaving Newcastle in a right two-and-eight, he'd probably sweep all before him at ... well, Blackpool?
Perhaps even Roy Keane's got more chance of an imminent return!
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  1. Hi Jonny, we have our very own muppet at Margate FC. Been there for years.

    Carry on

  2. Well at least all Margate fans can take comfort that jellied eels remain good for your brain!


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