Monday, 13 April 2009

Haway the corruption, mon. Thailand's new PM's a Geordie!

He might be the subject of civil unrest in Bangkok, but it turns out the Prime Minister of Thailand's a canny lad! Charismatic Abhisit Vejjajiva, who's been in charge of his country for five months, was in fact born in Newcastle in 1964 where his father and mother were both medical professors.

And he's aware enough of his Geordie background to declare, "I am a fan of The Toon!"

Despite being 44, he's only seen The Mags win one major trophy - back in 1969! "It was the right time to take the bairn back home", said his dad.
Drs Athasit and Sodsai Vejjajiva went back to Thailand when their son was still a boy, but Newcastle United stayed with young Abby.
Born into a family with deep roots in Asian politics, his family has had good relationships with the Thai ruling elite from as far back as the 18th century.
But in one interview he admitted: “If I was not me, I would like to be a Newcastle United striker.”
His task as Thailand’s fifth Prime Minister in two years is to restore the country’s battered economic confidence, cool down its overheated political climate, and impose his authority on a cabinet formed during days of bargaining with his coalition partners.
But he'll have his work cut out. He's no mate of former Manchester City owner and Thai PM, Thaksin "Frank" Shinwatra, seen here with Abby's Toon shirt.
Outside the parliament, about 200 Thaksin supporters reacted furiously to what they called a “silent coup”, hurling barricades at the gates and stopping MPs from leaving. Insiders say the new coalition may only last a few more weeks.
It sounds like any Saturday at half-five outside St. James' Park each time Mike Ashley shows his face! - Sack The Board, Sack The Board, Sack The Board!!
Soccermongery wishes him well. The big question is: will he outlast Alan Shearer in keeping his top job?


  1. Thailand has had a long and ongoing love affair with all things pastel. This was famously demonstrated at the end of last year when, as the Telegraph reported, the whole kingdom dissolved into "sentimental pastel shades in order to celebrate King Bhumibol's 80th birthday party." (Jonny - check out:
    So now we have have a perfect example, at last, of a Geordie, who may not be mental or mad, but at least conclusively loves Newcastle and all things pastel!!

  2. remarkable, if true. Now Abby's pushed Gazza into second place as Newcastle's greatest export.

    Er hang on, I overlooked Ant and Dec and that bloke who impersonated the Yorkshire Ripper.

  3. Jonny and Alvin you make mistakes, for sure. Jonny, the Yorkshire Ripper hoaxer, "Wearside Jack" was from Sunderland! Alvin, Malcolm MacDonald was from Fulham! Interestingly, Newcastle's greatest export is Jimmy "Five Bellies" Gardner but Holland produces Cryuff, Van Basten Rembrandt and the modern business world!!

  4. That's a bit strong, Jos! Rembrandt couldn't present "I'm a Celebrity" nearly as well as Ant & Dec. Those two guys might come across as a couple of pint sized Geordie twats but I think they're actually very talented and will make a really meaningful contribution to society one day.

  5. Ah yes- Wearside Jack. The Sky darts commentator Sid Waddell was once arrested and mistaken for him
    (I'm not making this up!)
    Sid was released after he revealed he cannot drive- and Wearside Jack was known to have a car.
    I have a true story of my own about Sid but I could land myself in a lot of trouble if I posted it on here!
    Where does Sid rank in Newcastle’s greatest exports anyway?
    Best wishes for Christmas to all involved in this blog!


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