Wednesday, 3 September 2008

It's Official. Football IS recession proof!

And there we were worrying that our gleaming English game would be affected by the worldwide economic downturn. That sooner or later, job losses would lead to less Sky subscriptions, empty seats and eleven Englishmen at Everton!

But Manchester City’s lightning quick purchase by Abu Dhabi Babby shows there's still a billionaire somewhere ready to buy the Premier League dream. Just who and where he comes from has shifted from west to east quicker than you can send tanks through a neighbouring state.

World capital is suddenly in the hands of the oil rich, the cash rich and the sovereign wealth fund – and they all want a piece of our game too!

This season we might see embarrassingly half-empty stadia for supposedly big games, but when you’re Barry Bigshot after instant status and a lot of fun, there’s seemingly nowhere better to splurge your cash than at ... Manchester City(!)

Spiralling wages and transfer fees will continue. Sadly the difference between fan and player will also become bigger.

Football’s economy bears no relation to the UK's because it's almost entirely without regulation. This is what happens when you truly expose yourself to Globalization. The Fit and Proper Person’s Rule is about the only regulation there is, and that’s about as sharp as pensioners teeth.

(By the way, I like it like this).

My main concern is that the Megamoney will make the mistake of believing the fans will be less and less important because they'll be contributing a smaller share of the overall financial pie.

But without the fan, there's no passion. Ultimately the billionaire's buying into them. Beware new investors; without the supporters your investment will shrivel.

And now, as with all finance-based editorial, here's a warning from our Compliance Officer: "Your investment in Manchester City could go down as well as further down."

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