Thursday, 11 September 2008

Fabio sticks to his guns in the Croatian cauldron (including Theo Walcott audio)

"You're a man, my son!" - Fabio Capello kept his head while all around him were losing theirs. (Rudyard Kipling makes exceedingly good quotes). We were aided when Croatia lost their heads after Robert Kovac's aerial assault on Joe Cole.

But the team followed Capello's orders, showed great discipline - and our key players demonstrated in spades, what we know each of them for.

Lampard - skill, poise and the trigger at set-pieces. Unlucky with his disallowed goal. Rooney - full of running, clever passing in the final third of the pitch, non-stop harrying and chasing. Walcott - pace, quick feet and self-assurance. (Post-match audio interview).
Now the Premier League, with its pockets of self-interest will be forced to sit up. After a rousing 4-1 win to kickstart his England tenure, the Italian's demands will be harder to repel. The Big Clubs need a winning England side to keep the domestic game bubbling. It's time they got on board and supported Capello fully.
And under this coach, the players the Premier League donates to the England cause will return to their clubs the better for it.