Tuesday, 12 August 2008

When Swans Cry - or Why Raj Persaud Should Present Football Phone-ins!

When Karl Marx declared religion the opium of the masses, he'd clearly not budgeted for football. I mean it wasn't even an opiate when he died in 1883.

I've presented football phone-ins on radio and I'll tell you this... phone-ins are a hive for the unheard and desperate. Some callers should be sponsored by Aspirin.

But I never had to deal with a caller who burst into tears on-air such was his frustration at his club's sorry plight. Swansea City was getting this guy down soooooo much that crying to thousands seemed the only answer. Eat your heart out, Stan Laurel.

Jonny's Soccermongery has secured this local radio gold, courtesy of Football Audio

I wonder what he thinks years on now Swansea have won a Cup and proudly play in the Premier League!

The presenter did well considering he had no formal training in psychotherapy. Raj Persaud's looking for a job; maybe there's one waiting for him behind the mike in South Wales!